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Get a taste of what yoga therapy could feel like. 
This therapeutic yoga class is reserved for guests of The Yoga Therapy Conference.

Eventbrite - The Yoga Therapy Conference Amsterdam 2019

Anneke Lucas (USA) & Anneke Sips (NL)

Experience an introduction in The Unconditional Model; a new healing modality to work with and deal with trauma.

In trauma training, it is important to recognise that all we ever have to offer to others is ourselves – our undivided, unconditional presence and the wisdom garnered from the personal healing work. It requires skills and practice to use mindfulness as a way to constantly check in with ourselves and lovingly accept ourselves.

Without these tools, it is easy to fall into attachment to position, create distance, (and possibly repeat patterns of prior abuse), whether you are a yoga teacher, a therapist or in the healing arts, or as you try to help your friends.

Anneke Sips (NL)

Compassion & Yoga as a therapy for mental health

Yoga as a form of therapy is booming: all the more reason to carefully examine the basic principles and ethics with regard to mental health.

In this Masterclass, Anneke investigates the concept of Svastha Yoga Therapy with you and although she offers yoga therapy mainly 1:1, you get an impression of what the practice could feel like.

Get inspired by Anneke as she shares her insight, some personal stories on her work as a yoga therapists with clients and her insight in the place of yoga therapy globally and locally, in her unique and transparant way.

Of course, there is  space for questions and reflection.

Theo Wildcroft (UK)

All welcome.

Theo Wildcroft, PhD is a yoga researcher, teacher and specialist in accessible yoga.

This session will bring together rhythmic movement, gentle devotion and Total Yoga Nidra, as we reach together for a more sustainable relationship between our many selves, the communities that hold us, and the world that nourishes us. 

Ellie Lardenoije (NL)


This therapeutic yoga class will focus on gentle grounding and breathing to bring awareness in the body and shifting attention to the present moment.

Learning to stay with what is, instead of getting caught up in emotions or disconnecting from the body, can help you create a loving relationship with whatever happens in your life.

Hilda Wieland (NL)

Hilda is toegewijd aan de authentieke, eenvoudige en toegankelijke methodes van Svastha Yoga en het Ayurveda programma ( opgericht door AG en Indra Mohan.

De uitgebreide en het steeds bekender wordende programma bevordert een traditionele en persoonlijke aanpak van Yoga waarbij het beste van oude wijsheid en moderne wetenschap wordt samengevoegd.

Ze werkt op een instinctieve manier met haar leerlingen en heeft een passie om mensen te helpen met Burnout, stress en andere gezondheidsproblemen.

Stephanie Lopez (USA)

Stephanie will lead you through a beautiful practice of iRest.

Stephanie Lopez is a Licensed Independent Social Worker, Gestalt therapist, Yoga Therapist, Senior iRest Trainer, Retreat Leader and Supervisor.

Stephanie's work is informed by her longtime immersion in the non-dual teachings of yoga and an integration of the wisdom traditions of both Eastern spirituality and Western Psychology.

Stephanie’s compassionate presence, depth of knowledge, and love of this work create a welcoming space for insightful learning. She shares her insights in retreats, workshops, classes, and trainings throughout the US and internationally.

Eventbrite - The Yoga Therapy Conference Amsterdam 2019