About the Presentation

Ayurvedic therapeutics in Yoga class‘ – a¬†compassioned and therapeutic¬†yoga class.

In this hatha yoga style class with yoga postures and breathwork you will explore the subtle energies of the heart as a seat of love, enthousiasm and compassion. Experience ayurvedic principles in asana practice, pranayama, the singing of mantra’s, the use of marmapoints (acupressure points) and end class with a deep and long relaxation.



Liese van Dam (NL)

About Liese

Originally trained as a Sivananda teacher, Liese has firm roots in asana, pranayama, philosophy and a yogic lifestyle. Her journey with yoga evolved further through learning how to teach yoga for women. She is trained in Birthlight perinatal and Well Woman therapeutic yoga. The wish to deepen her yoga practice led her to the study of ayurveda, finding this sister science to yoga not just rational knowledge but really a way of life. Practicing ayurveda brought her closer to herself and taught how to live and work from the heart. Liese works as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and in her practice she uses yoga therapeutically, alongside other ayurvedic therapies like nutrition, lifestyle, medicinal herbs and treatments. Liese teaches yoga from an ayurvedic perspective and in trainings shares many insights on how to implement these ancient teachings in a modern lifestyle.

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