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Cecilia Huisman (NL)

Cecilia always had a deep passion for nursing. After a period of 6 years working as a nurse in different hospitals she followed her second passion: dancing. She finished the dance academy and worked a few years with a modern dance company. During that period she developed several injuries and stopped dancing. Back in the hospital she start working as a research nurse and became a pioneer in the profession of the research nurses in the Netherlands. During that time she started to join yoga classes and discovered the healing effect of yoga. Since 2009 Cecilia is a certified H-yoga teacher, specialized in yoga with cancer patients. She combines her expertise in clinical research with research in cancer patients and H-yoga. She has a great compassion for people who are traumatized by life treating diseases.


Cancer steals your breath, yoga gives it back

quote by: Tari Prinster (cancer survivor, yoga teacher and founder of yoga4cancer)



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