'The Science of Human Connection'

May 10 + 11, 2019 

You are invited to the 4rd edition of The Yoga Therapy Conference.
An international event where yoga meets health and science in an open-minded, innovative, and inspirational way. 

Eventbrite - The Yoga Therapy Conference Amsterdam 2019

Europe's most diverse International Yoga Therapy Conference

Presenters from all around the globe will discuss the science of human connection mindfully through the lens of science, yoga and health. Expect many different perspectives on themes around yoga therapy and human connection in form of lecture, role-play, discussion and debate.


We are proud to say that from almost continent, guest will be visiting. If you like to connect with colleagues globally, this is your place to be.


We look at the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga and the newer, modern theories to help us put this wisdom into a context to modern language and understanding of finding optimal health and wellbeing.

Eventbrite - The Yoga Therapy Conference Amsterdam 2019


Yoga therapy is an ancient wisdom tradition and newer theories like polyvagal help us to put this wisdom in context to modern language and neurophysiological understanding for optimal health.

Meet Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges and dr. Marlysa Sullivan. They will help us understand the dynamics and related processes of physiology, emotion, and behaviour.

The integration of these 'models' (polyvagal and yoga) provides a practical application of yoga practices to be situated within its own framework and to be applied in a holistic way for health, wellbeing and supports human connection. Let them explain how.

Oxytocin in practice

The need and desire for connection are essential to our survival and our ability to thrive.

Prof. Dr. Sue Carter is a biologist and behavioral neurobiologist. She is an internationally recognized expert in behavioral neuroendocrinology and oxytocin. She will explain some of the in-built neurobiological mechanisms that foster human connection.

She alone and together with Dr. Lisa Kaley-Isley, yoga therapist (IAYT) and researcher, the discussion will be about intimacy and connection in (yogic-) therapeutic relationships, that serve their purpose to safely and effectively nurture our ability to heal and re-establish optimal balance.


At The Conference we always look at certain topics that are actual and of interest for all of you.
As you know we look at it from different perspectives and invite you to interact from the audience.

latest news

Great news!

We are also the FIRST yoga related event that is accredited with V&VN in The Netherlands. This means, that ALL NURSES get accreditation points by visiting this Conference.

More great news!

We are the first event in The Netherlands that is 'IAYT approved for continuing education'. Certified yoga therapists (IAYT) will receive 16 Professional Development points for Continuing Education


Pease, check Eden Hotel Group or Conscious hotels for good rates and availability. Don't wait too long! Amsterdam is fun in spring, others know this too...

Let's Collaborate!

We always like to connect with nice people and inspiring businesses who share our vision. You wish to collaborate with us? Email connect@networkyogatherapy.org

“What I benefit most from conferences like this,

is the personal interaction" - Sat Bir Khalsa, Harvard Medical School


This event forms a cornerstone of a larger vision. A vision of consciousness and health.
A vision of connecting, collaboration, friendship.

The event is organised by Network Yoga Therapy. This is an international Network of professionals and enthousiasts interested in yoga, healthcare and science, founded in 2010 by Anneke Sips (RN, C-IAYT).

I believe in yoga as a sustainable life philosophy for an optimal state of health and wellbeing on individual level so that I can positively influence our (health-) systems, as I bring myself with me always.

The Conference a yearly meet-up for people with similar interests. People who wants to make a difference, who know that change in systems is inevitable and who get excited about playing a role in that.

It's a recognition, a celebration of the work we do. All in our own way, big or small, we are adding pieces to a more conscious and healthy future for the next generations to come.

Hooray to that!

At THE CONFERENCE we take a look at what is going on in the world, in our systems. We ask ourselves how traditional wisdom can be re-defined and how (professional) roles can be re-invented. We connect with others as we reflect, and get a more holistic understanding of these concepts.

The program will be stimulating and diverse. In the 2019 edition, we will explore the topic of Human Connection in yoga therapy, from different cultural and professional perspectives. This is interesting for all who work or connect with humans.

Expect a melting pot of Network from all over the globe in Amsterdam: Professionals and enthusiasts in yoga and healthcare.

Every yoga teacher is invited! And yogatherapists, nurses, (Ayurvedic-) doctors and physiotherapists. Researchers and thought-leaders.

In the search for Human Connection, we explore the classical yogic perspective, (neuro-) biology, the scientific and therapeutic perspectives and off course, the client's points of view.

You are invited, come!

Eventbrite - The Yoga Therapy Conference Amsterdam 2019



“I enjoyed myself and learned a lot about yoga in health care, especially about yoga for breast cancer patients. It was a stimulating event and, compared to conventional congresses, I went home filled with new energy.”




“Anneke and her team, brought together an amazing group of yoga teachers, therapists and medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, psychologists  and psychotherapists under the roof of a beautiful church.

Even more impressive was the quality and the professional background of the lecturers coming all the way from England, Germany and the US. I look forward to the next Conference and would recommend every therapist and health-care professional not to miss it!”


Yoga Therapist


The  conference didn’t let me down. I talked with a lot of inspiring people and what I remember most was the loving and compassionate atmosphere among all the people at the conference.

I was touched by the talks and the lectures from professionals who are working with yoga in their jobs as a doctor, psychologist or nurse and I found out that yoga can be used in a broad area of healthcare.

The program had a great mixture of demonstrations, workshops, time to talk to professionals in the field and a really nice discussion panel. I ran into many inspiring people and I’m still in contact with some of them, whom I might be working with in the future.

I’d definitely recommend it to my colleagues and of course I’ll be participating myself! The Yoga Therapy Conference really created some new and fresh insights and inspiration in my career as a psychologist.



We meet at inspirational places, in the center of the city where we can taste diversity and culture: De Zuiderkerk.
The building of this church started in 1601.